Setting up Teachers & Classes

Published Mar 19, 2020 by Dave for Calibrae

A​​​​​ school site is made of virtual classrooms for each class/teacher combination.

To create a virtual classroom...

  • Sign in to your site.
  • Toggle to the Admin Dashboard.
  • Create a virtual classroom.




The Setup Classroom wizard prompts you to select a teacher who will be responsible for the virtual classroom.

  • Click Select a teacher


The wizard then prompts you to select a teacher from the list. The system currently has just one user - you! Your choice now is to either...

  • Select yourself as the class teacher (great for experimentation), or 
  • Click Import teachers to import a list of teachers from a CSV file.


Clicking Import teachers takes you to the Teaching Staff group.

  • Click Import users. The Import Users page appears. Note the Template and more info button, which, when clicked, provides useful import info, including a downloadable CSV template.
  • Download the template.


  • Populate the template with details of your teaching staff. Note the roles column.
  • Be sure to give each teacher the Instructor role.
  • If appropriate, teachers can also be organised in department groups by adding a department in the group-name column.
  • Save the file as a .CSV file.
  • Click Choose CSV file and use your computer's file explorer to find and select the CSV file.




  • Click Import to import the teachers into the Teaching Staff group.
  • The system checks the content of the file, and if all is in order, imports the users as teachers.


  • Return to the Admin Dashboard and once more Create Virtual Classroom.





  • Now, with your teachers imported, select a teacher from the list who will be responsible for this virtual classroom.



The wizard sets a default name for the class group of pupils and for the classroom. 

  • If desirable, change the name of the class group of pupils and the classroom.
  • Create class



  • Repeat the process to create virtual classrooms for each teacher/class combination.


The new virtual classrooms are added to the system. Note the quick links to the classrooms and class groups for each new virtual classroom.



Teacher notifications

Once assigned to a virtual classroom, teachers will receive a welcome email with access details.

To verify sent emails...

  • Click the username to view the teacher's profile page.
  • Scroll down and View email.

All emails sent by the system to the user will be displayed.



Adding pupils to classes

Pupils are typically only added to their virtual classes once the teacher has had time to populate the classroom with learning activities. Once the teacher is ready, add pupils to each class.


Adding teachers individually

Teachers can also be added individually using the Add Members button. Be sure to go to the user profile of the teacher and set the role to Instructor.