How to create a school site

Published Mar 27, 2020 by SiteAdminDave for Calibrae

Creating a site for your school's teachers to deliver daily sets of learning activities is simple. In this post we'll look at how to create a site for your school.




To create a no-obligation site for your school...

  • Visit
  • Enter your details
    • Your email address
    • A password
    • The name you would like to use for your school site
  • Select School as the site type 
  • Create site



Within moments your school site is created, fully-featured and ready to go.



As a new Site Admin, you'll arrive at the Site Admin page, from where you can create virtual classes and manage your teachers and pupils - topics we'll cover in the next posts.


Visiting your URL, your users will see your sign-in page. The site is completely customisable, so you can brand it with your own messaging and look and feel, including the URL.



That's it. Creating a fully-featured training site is easy, and it's free.