Teacher Quick Start

Published Apr 1, 2020 by Dave for Calibrae

Why am I doing this?


My classes

After logging in, you'll see a list of classes to which you have been assigned by your school administrator.

  • Click the class to see the pupil view.
  • Click the Learner -> Admin toggle button to go to the class edit screens.



The Welcome tab provides a space for you to add a daily welcome message for the class. See how.

Use the Content tab to add learning activities for the class. What are learning activities?



Create a daily set of learning activities

You can create different types of learning activity for the class. 

Essential activity types

  • Upload existing content: PowerPoint, videos, PDFS, etc. See how.
  • Attach resources from the web: web pages, articles, YouTube videos, online worksheets, etc.  See how.
  • Write articles. See how.
  • Create worksheets. Track and mark student responses. See how.


Organise activities ready for each day

Learning activities for each class are typically organised into sets of learning experiences for each day. See how to create a three-day topic project.

Sets of daily activities are made active/inactive so that only the designated activities are presented to the class. See how.


Class webinar room

Each virtual classroom has its own one-click webinar room where teachers and pupils can meet via web-conference to discuss and share screens in real-time. See how


Advanced activity types

Once you are familiar with the essential activity types, you might consider using some of the more advanced activities!

Advanced activity types

  • Create go and do, return and report assignments. See how.
  • Create a webinar/screen-share activity. See how.
  • Create auto-marked exercises. Why?
    • Question sheets. See how.
    • Visual identification & recognition with Hotspots. See how. 
    • Sorting and sequencing with Categories. See how.
  • Re-using activities between classrooms. See how.
  • Re-visiting activities over time. See how.
  • Include resources for pupils to download. See how.



Liaise with Parents

Use the built-in tools to liaise with parents, including messaging and web-meetings. See how.




Get in touch

If you'd like to know more about Calibrae.com or would like to discuss, please getintouch@calibrae.com. Or, visit Calibrae.com